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Early picture of Nganasan with dog

Ernest Kilburn Scott in Samoyed Dress with Polar Light of Farningham

There is a Russian joke about the Chukchi people:

A reader contest is being held in Moscow. A Chukchi phones to Moscow as he wants to take part in the contest. Astonished, they ask him: 'Can you really read?'
'Nooooo', he answers,'Chukchi is no reader. Chukchi is writer!!'

About myself: I am a reader more than a writer, but when I, a couple of years ago, read books on the Samoyed dogs, and especially the 'history' part of those books, I was confronted with so called facts. When I verified these 'facts' some of them turned out to be not such real facts at all. Some of them were even utterly nonsense. And as I was reading more and more it became obvious that I had to share the fruits of my reading with a larger audience. It has turned into the web site you have reached just now.

There is more to tell about the subject than I ever can: some of the subjects I write about are not up to date with today's knowledge because I wanted to show what explorers and scientific researchers knew in the late 19th century, some of the books that I wanted to read are hidden on the bookshelves of foreign libraries where I cannot reach them unless I spend time and money to go there and finally, most books on the subject of the Samoyed peoples are written in Russian, a language that I do not speak or read so I am bound to what has been written in or translated into common Western languages which I do speak and/or can read.

The web site is still under construction and it will be for a long time to come because, as I said before, I am a reader more than a writer! Besides, English is not my mother tongue so my translations are both slow and poor - as well in grammatics as in my choice of words, not to mention the many typo's.
But you can help! If you find any mistakes due to my lack of English, please send me an e-mail and I will correct them. If you have remarks on the content because you have more knowledge on some subjects than I have, please e-mail me and we'll discuss them. It all serves one purpose: a better understanding of the history of this beautiful breed!