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Early picture of Nganasan with dog

Ernest Kilburn Scott in Samoyed Dress with Polar Light of Farningham

Welcome at the English introductionpage.
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the dogs

image-link to dog section Besides an introduction you will find old articles from kynological magazines between ca. 1900 and 1925, old kenneladvertisements from the same period, a gallery of early samoyed dogs and online pedigrees of Dutch samoyeds of the Farningham type. Also you'll find a bibliography about this section.

the peoples

In this part you find information on the different Samoyed peoples: the Nentsy, the Entsy, the Sel'kup and the Nganasan.This section tries to sketch their way of life at the time of the Polarexplorations of the late 19th century and the first imports of their dogs.

Arctic exploration

Image link to Polar exploration section This section treats the history of Arctic exploration: who were the first to travel to the North and what did they seek there? Why did for example the Dutchman Willem Barentz sail towards Nova Zemlya? And what about the English captain Joseph Wiggins, whose name seems to be forgotten.