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Welcome on this specific dog-related part of the site
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the early dogs

Link naar honden pagina's How long time do the Samoyeds already have their dogs and do they derive directly from the Arctic wolf? Was it used as a sledgedog. Which English kennels were behind the start of the breed? Were those early dogs all white? Which were the early standards and who wrote them. Here too a gallery of aboriginal type Samoyed dogs and of some modern dogs of the aboriginal type

Articles & clippings

A number of old articles as they appeared in the kynological press from the beginning of the 20th century until ca 1935. An article, writen by Sarah de Monchy and me for R-PADS (the Russian branch of the Primitive and Aboriginal Dog Society, can be found through this link:
On the preservation of a cultural heritage


Toekomstige link naar genealogie-gerelateerde pagina's Here you will find an online database of Dutch dogs of the aboriginal type. Planned autumn 2003

Link naar BreedMate Site