The Dog World Annual 1935



Owner Miss M. Keyte-Perry

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Miss M. Keyte-Perry with
TITAN of the Arctic
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THIS year the review of this world-famous kennel of Samoyeds is expressively illustrated by many beautiful photographs, which present not only the "Arctic" family at home, but its many distinguished members in other parts of the world.

To all her many friends, it must be good news that Miss Keyte-Perry is now completely restored to health, and: thus able, once again, to take an active participation in. the interest of her favourite breed.

Looking back over this year, we realise the tremendous strain of her own ill-health, and then just as she was ready to take the helm, an epidemic swept through the "Arctic" Kennels, and since Richmond Championship Show in July last, no home "Arctic" Samoyed has been able to compete in the show ring. Nevertheless, the flag has been kept flying by "Arctics" exhibited by other owners, both at home and abroad.

Miss Keyte-Perry gets the greatest thrill out of these latter winnings, and she has had the inexpressible joy of sitting at the ringside, and seeing many top honours, including challenge certificates, awarded to, her home-bred stock.

In the first seven months' exhibition activities, innumerable honours were gained. The three outstanding entries of the year were attained at Crufts (101 entries), judge, Mr James Garrow; The British Samoyed Club's Specialist Show at Tattersall's (232 entries), judge, Mrs Chappell; The Kennel Club's Championship Show, Olympia (127 entries), judge, Miss Thomson-Glover.

Fact To Be Noted—The "Arctics" gains at these shows were–Crufts–challenge certificate winner (bitch), Ch. Riona of the Arctic, first in open class; reserve C.C. winner (dog), Spartan of the Arctic, first in open class, owner, Mrs Henry Turner; Silver Glow of the Arctic, 2 firsts, 1 third (Silver Glow has since become a champion at Birmingham); Joy of the Arctic, 1 first, 1 second, owner, Mr Lovatt; Guard of the Arctic, 2 firsts, owner, Mrs Cameron; Ch. Snow Chief of the Arctic, 1 first; Snow Duke of the Arctic, 1 second, owner, Mrs Jewell; Squire of the Arctic, 1 third; owner, Miss Coulthard.

British Samoyed Club's Show-Best exhibit in show, Ch. White Rover of the Arctic, bred by Miss Keyte-Perry, owned and exhibited by Mr and Mrs Wood; best bitch in show, the 10 months puppy Lisson of the Arctic, bred, owned, and exhibited by Miss Keyte-Perry.

Kennel Club–Challenge Certificate winner, best exhibit, and winner of the Kennel Club Breed Trophy (second year in succession), Spartan of the Arctic, bred by Miss Keyte-Perry, owned and exhibited by Mrs H. Turner.

These are the highest awards, for they were gained in such outstanding competition when the cream of the breed was presented for exhibition.

The photographs speak for the superlative standard of the home-bred "Arctics", and the magnificent response of clients and friends abroad has contributed a galaxy of champions, and other beautiful specimens. Such a testimony is surely the greatest "come back" for Miss Keyte-Perry, for she is delighted to be enabled to portray such a comprehensive study of her great canine family, which she feels must help to popularise this lovely and intelligent breed.

The latest export, Ch. Rex of the Arctic, has just arrived in New Zealand. Perhaps no better words can sum up the sincere appreciation of this famous kennel than those few words cabled by Rex's new owner, Mr Woodhouse of Dunedin - "Rex arrived. Glorious. Delighted". Silver Glow of the Arctic, litter sister to this famous young champion, has just gained her third challenge certificate at Birmingham, and now becomes a champion. Both were sired by Ch. Leader of the Arctic ex American Ch. Ice Crystal of the Arctic.

Miss Keyte-Perry's devotion to the Samoyed is as world-famous as her wonderful dogs. Once again she wishes to stress how delighted she is to show her "Arctics" in their own home. There is always a warm welcome to that colony of attractive -chalets, replete with every comfort and advantage, set high on the Surrey hills with acres of ground for extensive closed-in runs, and for free exercising. Yet it is as a family that the "Arctics" live, receiving that individual care, love, and attention. which has made them as famous for their intelligent and charming temperaments, as for their exhibition standard and good manners in the show ring.


Group of dogs
Top left, CH. SNOW CHIEF OF THE ARCTIC (Zero of the Arctic ex CH. Tchita); Top right, TITAN OF THE ARCTIC, by CH. Surf of the Arctic ex CH. Riona of the Arctic; centre CH. SNOW CHIEF with two of his five-month-old puppies, SLEIGH DRIVER and CHALIME OF THE ARCTIC; bottom left, CH. RIONA OF THE ARCTIC (Siberian Cymro ex Siberian Gloria); bottom right, CH. SILVER GLOW OF THE ARCTIC (Ch. Leader of the Arctic ex American Ch. Ice Crystal of the Arctic).

Ch. Snow Chief, Ch. Silver Glow, and Titan of the Arctic were all bred in the home kennel, Ch. Riona of the Arctic was bred by Mrs Michael. Her dam, Gloria is a home-bred Arctic.

Foreign dogs
Left, Australian CH. WHITE RANGER OF THE ARCTIC, by Ch. Loga of the Arctic ex CH. Winter,
owner, Miss Irving of Melbourne.
2nd to the left, French CH.ORION OF THE ARCTIC, by ch. Surf of the Arctic, ex Zeta of the Arctic,
owner, Madame Levecque of Paris.
Centre, SILVER RIDER OF THE ARCTIC, by Ch. Leader of the Arctic ex Glint of the Arctic,
owner, Dr. Hartmann of Strassbourg.
2nd to the right, French CH. Glint of the Arctic, by Fohn of the Arctic ex Greta of the Arctic,
owner, Madame Levecque of Paris.
Right, CH. WHITER ROVER OF THE ARCTIC by Ch. Loga of the Arctic ex Ch. Winter of the Arctic,
owner, Mrs. Woods, Kremlin, Bullocks House Road, Harrieshead, Stoke-on Trent.

Diverse honden
Top left, CH. REX OF THE ARCTIC, by Ch. Leader of the Arctic ex American Ch. Ice Crystal of the Arctic is a young English champion recently exported to New Zealand and now owned by Mr Woodhouse of Dunedin.