The World-famous "Arctics"

The Home of Champions.

Owner: Miss M. Keyte Perry, Oak Hall, Haslemere. 'Phone: 246

ENTHUSIASM and enterprise. These two words sum up the life history of this famous kennel of Samoyeds, and the story told in brief must prove an inspiration to all who have just started building up a kennel, and may happily add many new proselytes to this glorious breed. Enthusiasm is the keynote of all vitality, and when it is coupled with sound judgment, the result is inevitably successful.

Fohn of the Arctic
Fohn of the Arctic.
C.C. Winner (Head Study)

Miss Keyte Perry is an enthusiast, and when she took up Samoyeds, only eight years ago, she started with one single dog, the household pet. Being convinced that her Fram possessed every canine virtue, Miss Perry then determined to make this wonderful breed her great hobby, and how well she has succeeded the whole canine world knows.

Miss Keyte Perry showed her judgment in choosing a stud from the best strains; this could not be done at once, but she had patience, and being true to her ideal, she was not satisfied until she possessed only the most typical specimens of the breed. Her advice to all novice owners is : " Pay for the best, and you will never lose in the end." A good puppy is necessarily expensive, but it can always be covered by insurance, and one can only breed the best from worthy stock. Enthusiasm will meet and conquer the varying vicissitudes in the initial stages of any great effort, and certainly fortune has smiled upon this kennel, for "the Arctics" are now world-famous.

The spirit of enterprise has also played a great part. Miss Perry has done her utmost to popularise the breed throughout the country. She has shown fearlessly not only at all the championship fixtures, but wherever Samoyeds are classified, there one may expect to see some of the " Arctics " benched. In addition she has sent home-bred " Arctics " to all parts of the world, and every exportation keeps up the fame of the home kennel.

Silver Knight of the Arctic, Head Study
Silver Knight of the Arctic
C.C. Winner (Head Study)

Miss Murray Lurcock, one of the most sympathetic and finest handlers in this country, is in charge of all show exhibits, and Miss Keyte Perry always pays high tribute to her loyalty and to the splendid spirit of loyalty amongst those who tend this great canine family in their home.

Both enthusiasm and enterprise must be dauntless and carry with them the highest spirit of sport. It is easy to win well, but it is a great virtue to lose well, and all show exhibition needs patience and pluck. Progress may seem slow, but the best dog assuredly wins in the end.

This has been Miss Perry's experience, and she now owns seven full champions, with two more exhibits holding challenge certificates and on the way to premier honours, and many holding reserve to best of sex In addition, hundreds of prizes and specials have gone to the famous Arctic Kennels. As this issue goes to press, the wins for this year alone are almost phenomenal, for up to date the " Arctics " have secured 12 challenge certificates cut of a possible 16.

Surf of the Arctic
Surf of the Arctic. C.C. Winner

Such a rise to fame has been meteoric, but, all great success carries a grave responsibility. Miss Keyte Perry is honestly desirous, nay anxious, to see the foundation and progress of other Samoyed kennels. Her greatest delight is to know that very many of the outstanding young winners of the year are home-bred " Arctics," and that her marvellous stud is producing the finest stock. She rejoices wholeheartedly in the wins of White Rover of the Arctic, Snow Pioneer of the Arctic, Snow Chief of the Arctic, White Hero of the Arctic, White Escort of the Arctic, and Snow Boy of the Arctic.

All these dogs, now belonging to other owners, have won first-class honours at championship shows, White Rover (owned by Mrs. Wood) having been twice reserve for the C.C.

Miss Keyte Perry rejoices that Samoyed kennels are springing up all over the country, and many are fast becoming famous.

No less important is the household pal and pet. Miss Perry is just as anxious to place Samoyeds in the family circle of home life as to exhibit them in the show ring, for she is convinced that in private life they are a continual joy and never-ending interest. Decorative and superlatively lovely in externals, they are equally appealing in their characters. Temperamentally, the Samoyed has perfect balance, which makes him an ideal companion for children, the truest pal of an adult, and a wonderful guard for the home.

Dogs at Oak Hall
L. to R.— CH. Leader, CH Riga (4C.C.s), CH. Tchita, CH. Arctic Dawn, CH Kara Queen (10 C.C.s), CH. Loga (5C.C.s), CH. Winter (7 C.C.s).
All "Of The Arctic."

Miss Keyte Perry is always delighted to welcome any visitors to her famous kennels, where the " Arctics " may be seen under superlative conditions, benefiting by perfect kennel equipment and routine, coupled with the advantages of the love and companionship of a large human community. Her advice to all is : " Get to know a Samoyed, and possess one if you can."

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