SUPPLEMENT TO "OUR DOGS."                DECEMBER 6, 1929.

The World-Famous Arctic Kennel of Young Samoyeds

Owner: Miss M. Keyte Perry, Oak Hall, Haslemere, Surrey.


ONLY four words : and yet they express the comprehensive life of every kennel, and every owner of a dog will read these words with sympathy and understanding perhaps with a sigh of anxiety that the last word cannot yet be written in the annals of his canine history, or perhaps, with a sigh of deep satisfaction that the achievement of highest merit can be recorded.

Crystal of the Arctic Loga of the Arctic
Crystal of the Arctic                                    Loga of the Arctic
(CH. Loga—Winter.)                        (Mustan of Farningham—Sara.)

The story of the initiation and development of any kennel is full of drama and romance, fraught as it must be with hopes and fears, failures and successes, and surely no kennel of later years has. taken a more dramatic place on the canine stage than that of the "Arctic" Kennel initiated but six years ago, and now famous throughout the world.

Snow Frost of the Arctic
Snow Frost of the Arctic at 9 months
(Ch. Loga—Zahrina.)

Last year's Supplement told the story of the origin of this famous kennel, the arrival of the first puppy the snowy little " teddy bear" which was given to Miss Keyte Perry as a birthday present, and which literally stormed her heart and home so that she felt constrained to possess others. Never has she been disappointed in any single member of the breed, for its decorative beauty, its natural cleanliness, its alert and understanding mind, and, above all, its sweetness of disposition, have won her wholehearted loyalty, and it is little wonder that she longs to popularise this wonderful breed, so that others may enjoy the attractive beauty and adherent virtues of the Samoyed.

Thus the INITIATION now for the wonderful and, one might say, phenomenal DEVELOPMENT of the kennel.

Leader of the Arctic Foam of the Arctic
Leader of the Arctic                                    Foam of the Arctic
(Ch. Kara Sea—Winter.)       (Ch. Siberian Keeno—Northern Light of Farningham.)

Until the beginning of last year Miss Perry possessed only males, magnificent young stud dogs, representing the finest strains of the breed. All these have made history in the showring and also as sires of some of the healthiest and most typical young stock of to-day. Then Miss Perry was persuaded to breed, and in the spring of last year she was given a litter by her famous Ch. Loga of the Arctic ex Arctic Dawn. From that moment ANTICIPATION held the horizon of her hobby, for who does not know the sensational thrill of the first litter? So great was the success of the seven sturdy young " Arctics " which were sent to new homes, that in order to supply further demands, Miss Perry decided to add more bitches to her ever-growing family, and in her choice she has proved that she possesses a natural gift of discernment and an eye for the best. Her bitches are superlatively great, and they have led the kennel to the last and most coveted issue, the FULFILMENT of all canine enthusiasts, namely the ability to breed the puppy that is truest to type.

Dogs at Oak Hall
(from left to right)
Zero, Foam, Leader, Winter, Ch. Riga, Ch. Loga, Crystal, Kara Queenee, Fohn, Zone, Surf.
All "of the Arctic."

Her hopes are being fulfilled, for she has sent puppies to all parts, and now she is having the great joy of seeing the " Arctics'" winning in the show ring, and hearing of the happiness they are giving as pets in the home.

Let us now look at the photographic illustrations which so wonderfully express the potential beauty of the " Arctics."

Loga of the Arctic
Loga of the Arctic

First must be noted Ch. LOGA OF THE ARCTIC, so often described as " the majestic Loga," now 4½ years old, with a coat of pearly white, massive bone, dense black points, and an arrestingly beautiful head, which latter has won him many a "special." Never beaten in Puppy or Junior classes at any championship show, he has gone straight to the top, and this year he has gained full championship honours.

Zone of the Arctic
Zone of the Arctic

ZONE OF THE ARCTIC, son of Loga, three years old, is another magnificent young dog, absolutely true to type. He and LEADER OF THE ARCTIC (two years old) are surely approaching the coveted goal, for they are both top dogs of the breed, and very difficult to fault. They both possess a thick on-standing coat, pure white with that dense undercoat which is so essential; black points, and wonderful bone. Other splendid young stud dogs are: FOAM, FOHN, ZERO, and SURF OF THE ARCTIC. All these are keeping up the show prestige of this famous kennel, and proving themselves excellent sires,

Now for the bitches, and here Miss Perry's kennel surely stands supreme; to possess one would be a fortune for the breed but to possess such a galaxy of superlative bitches is almost unique.

Riga of the Arctic
Riga of the Arctic

Here is RIGA OF THE ARCTIC, the youngest champion in the breed, even now only 20 months old, with an astounding record. Shown at nine months, she went straight through her classes from Puppy to challenge certificate at the Metropolitan and Essex Show in November, 1928. The next time she was shown she secured 1st Limit and Open at Windsor. She then obtained her second ch. certificate at Brighton, and a week later was made a full champion at Sheffield. Riga then retired to her kennel duties, while KARA QUEEN took the stage, securing the ch. certificate both at the Kennel Club and Metropolitan and Essex. She is a stylish, graceful, and absolutely typical bitch, not yet two years old, and mow possesses three ch. certificates, but awaits a fourth to make her a full champion, as two certificates were given to her by the same judge.

Winter (ch. cert. winner).
Ch. Kieff—Nanook.)

WINTER, a most glorious pure-white bitch, gained the ch. certificate at the L.K.A. Show in May of this year, and Mr. Robert Leighton in his critique in the Kennel Gazette following the show, described her as " faultless, with all points in complete harmony." At the Siberian Club specialist show, with a record entry of 155, Winter was made the best bitch of the show, and gained more honours than any other individual exhibit. She is now the proud mother of an outstanding litter by Ch. Loga.

Tchita of the Arctic
Tchita of the Arctic.
(Mustan of Farningham—Zahrina.)

Ch. TCHITA, the bitch of perfect type, with a marvellous stand-off coat, has been busy also with the claims of motherhood, but, like Winter, will be able to renew her show career in the immediate future.

Arctic Dawn
Arctic Dawn.
(Kniaz—Actic Echo.)

ARCTIC DAWN, which stood reserve ch. certificate at Cruft's this year, is a big pure-white bitch, with an exceptionally beautiful head; she has produced lovely puppies, notably CRYSTAL OF THE ARCTIC (sired by Ch. Loga), which is still but a junior, and yet has a wonderful show record.

What an amazing collection of bitches in one kennel! their show record for 1929 being: Five challenge certificates out of a possible seven, with reserves at the other two shows. In addition three male certificates have been secured, and so this year the " Arctics " have collected more than. half the ch. certificates awarded to1 the breed.

All the "Arctics" are trained to the house, and are friends and companions of the household. In September Miss Perry had the privilege of judging Samoyeds at Torquay, where she was complimented with an exceptionally good entry, and she was delighted with the sporting spirit of the exhibitors.

Riga, Kara Queen and Loga of the Arctic and Winter
CH. Riga of the Arctic, Kara Queen (Winner three challenge Certificates) (by Ch. Kara Sea—Arctic Echo, CH. Loga of the Arctic, and Winter

Miss Perry is delighted to welcome visitors to her kennel and to show her beautiful exhibits, but above all, her great desire is to help any reader to know and appreciate the virtues and beauty of a Samoyed, and so enter upon not only an absorbing hobby, but the active inspiration of INITIATION, the natural longing of ANTICIPATION, the courage and determination necessary for DEVELOPMENT, and finally a great FULFILMENT not only of a kennel's success, but of that true spirit of sport which must make one's whole life the richer in achievement.

Stud fees and prices of puppies can be obtained from the owner of the "Arctic " dogs : Miss M. Keyte Perry, The Arctic Kennels, Oak Hall, Haslemere, Surrey, phone 246.

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