Supplement to "OUR DOGS", December 14, 1928

The Famous Arctic Kennel

Owned by Miss M. Keyte Perry,

A Birthday!
  A Birthday Present!
    That Present—A Puppy!
      Five Years After—The Famous Arctic Kennel!

Surf of the Arctic

THAT is the story in brief phrases, the romantic, dramatic story of the beginning, the development, and the established prominence of this celebrated stud. And now to fill in the lines between : Miss Keyte Perry was given her first Samoyed puppy just five years ago; a little white bundle of fasciniation; it crossed the threshold of Oak Hall, but it stepped across another threshold at the same time—the threshold of its owner's heart. To-day, five years after, one understands the meaning of those last half-dozen words. Material things, such as the marvellous physical merit of the " Arctics," their perfect housing, their ideal environment, have all helped to build up the "Arctic" kennel, and the fame which has arisen with that building; but behind all that has been Miss Perry's inherent enthusiasm for, and her devotion to, the breed.

Loga of the Arctic

In its decorative beauty, its natural cleanliness, its alert and understanding mind, and, above all, the sweetness of its disposition, that first puppy seemed to demonstrate every canine virtue. Was this intriguing carbine personality merely a happy exception, or was it the general rule of the breed? To answer that question, Miss Perry secured two other puppies, and they proved equally charming. By then, interest was extending its vision, and Miss Perry was persuaded to exhibit; so we come to LOGA OF THE ARCTIC and KOLA OF THE ARCTIC, that wonderful brace whose victories have been unique. Loga was never beaten in Puppy and Junior classes at championship shows, and the two put up a record for the breed.

Riga of the Arctic

But life is not all musical comedy, and the best drama has its tragic moments. Distemper came on the stage, and Miss Perry lost her first puppy, then grown to a glorious dog; he was Fram of the Arctic, sired by the famous Oh. Kieff. Irreparable as that loss then seemed to be, it is well to add, for the benefit of all who may be attracted to take up Samoyeds, that, though distemper has visited the Arctic stud on several occasions

Zone of the Arctic

since then, there has been no other fatality, every patient coming safely through the scourge. The Samoyed] is remarkably hardy, with intense power of resistance to illness, and possessing the great assets of will and determination to get better. This time last year the Arctic kennel comprised, only males; all of them truly magnificent young stud dogs, representing a combination of the finest strains. Then came Miss Perry's desire to breed her own winners, and so she purchased her first exquisite bitch, ARCTIC DAWN, from Mrs. Timmins. In this, the first year of Samoyed breeding at Oak Hall, Miss Perry has sent puppies to all parts, of England, as well as to Ireland. Her great desire is to popularise Samoyeds, and so, in addition to benching her lovely exhibits at every championship event, the Arctics have proved the greatest attraction at shows in general throughout the South of England, while it has been Miss Perry's great joy to see her puppies placed in small family homes, where they have fitted in as appropriately as in the seats of the mighty.

The accompanying photographs present to our readers some of the finest specimens of young Samoyeds which the fancy has ever known, and a feature worth noting is that the kennel has no dog or bitch who is .... (THE REST OF THE ARTICLE IS MISSING)

Miss Murray Lurcock (kennelmaid) with (l. to r.) UMEA (10-month old bitch), DAWN (2-years-old bitch), FRAMIA (10-month-old bitch), FOHN, ZONE (with head on ground), LOGA, ZERO and SURF (both lying down), and FOAM.

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