The Imported Samoyede Bitch


And Her Influence On The Breed

IN a review in our provincial contemporary's last Christmas Number appears this astonishing statement: There have occasionally been other Samoyeds imported into this country, but they have left no footprints on the sands of time. That is not a matter of opinion, but of hard fact." Surely the gentleman who wrote this either suffers from lack of memory, or lack of knowledge. What about the great imported bitch Ayesha? Has she left no footprints on the sands of time? These photographs of her descendants show very conclusively that the above quoted "hard fact " is totally wrong. Ayesha has indeed left her influence on the breed, and here are some very tangible footprints.

Owner: Mrs. Cammack.

Here are more "facts," and not " matters of opinion." Ayesha was imported in 1911 by Mr. F. Gordon Colman through Mr. Landsberg, who obtained her in Archangel, whence she was brought by Samoyed traders from Nova Zembla. Mr. Colman bred one litter from her, one of which founded Mrs. Landsberg's kennels, and died a few months ago, at 13 years old.

CH. Nada
CH. Nada.
Owner: Miss Thomson-Glover.

In 1913 Mr. Colman sold her to Mrs. Cammack, in whose possession she remained until her death in 1920. Owing to the war, she was shown seldom, but won five 1sts, three 2nds, etc. She was only bred from three times, had small litters, only eleven puppies altogether, and, considering this was during the first three years of the Great War, makes it the more remarkable the good effect she has had on the breed. Only three of her children appeared on the show bench ; but two became champions. Several points that she excelled in she has passed on to her progeny, viz., broad, deep chest, exceptionally good, small, thick, wellplaced ears, and thickly padded or tufted feet ; this latter point previously seemed in danger of disappearing.

Prituki of Halfway
Prituki of Halfway.
Owner: Mrs. Gray Landsberg.

The first litter Mrs. Cammack bred from her was by Ch. Kosko, and produced Ch. Northern Light. She was exhibited eleven times, winning four challenge certificates and three reserve challenge certificates. Unfortunately/she was never bred from. The second litter was by Snowcloud, and produced Ch. Nada and Frona. The third litter, by Ch. Zahra, produced Helga, and from these three bitches have come a wonderful number of winners, past and present.

Garetha and Nanook
Garetha and Nanook
Owner: Mrs. Cammack.

Ch. Nada, the first time shown, under Dr. Sidney Turner, went through her classes, winning the challenge certificate at eleven month old, after which Mrs. Cammack sold her to Miss Thomson-Glover, in whose capable hands she has become a champion, also winning several reserve challenge certificates, and has in her five litters had more marvellous puppies, the outstanding ones being her wonderful daughter, Ch. Eastre, and son, Ch Sea Foam of whom more anon.

CH. Northern Light
CH. Northern Light.
Owner: Mrs. Woolfield.

Stutton Polka was purchased by Mrs. Okeden from Mrs. Cammack, she is a typical Ayesha bitch, and has done a lot of winning, she has just reared a glorious litter sired by Mrs. Landsberg latest importation Yugor of Halfway, imported direct from Siberia in 1925. Mrs. Okeden has high hopes from a bitch of this litter. Ayesha's daughter, Frona, was also a beautiful bitch, and would certainly have become a champion had she lived within reach of shows, but her owner, Mr. Robertson, New Elgin, N.B. has had to be content with breeding. Ayesha's daughter, Helga, by Ch. Zahra, Mrs. Cammack used more for breeding than show, but won several prizes, including one reserve challenge certificate, but death cut short her career in 1924.

Stutton Polka
Stutton Polka. Owner: Mrs. Okeden.

The following is a list of noted prize-winners claiming descent from Avesha :Through Ch. Nada Ch. Eastre, 6 challenge certificates, and never been lower than 2nd in open, and reserve challenge certificate, best bitch at Club Show, 1923, and 1924, winning special for best Samoyed, beating seven champion dogs and bitches. Ch. Sea Foam 3 challenge certificates and 4 reserve challenge certificates, also 5 time best Samoyed in show. Nadir, inbred to Ayesha, unbeaten in puppy and junior in 1925. Tomsk, best dog in Club Show, 1926. Snow Son, reserve challenge certificate. The Norseman. Through Frona-Prituki of Halfway, Kola of the Arctic, Kara Sea (2 challenge certificates and 2 reserve challenge certificates), Tchita (1 challenge certificate and 1 reserve challenge certificate.)

CH. Eastre
CH. Eastre.
Owner: Miss Thomson Glover

Through Helga—*Rowstean Freyja,*Kazan (reserve challenge certificate), *Quest, Troika (challenge certificate), Timara, Snow Elf, Ice Chief, Sascha, Winter (challenge cup for best bitch, Club Show, 1926), *Fram of the Arctic, *Nanook, Polka, Garetha, Nanooka, Nooya, Pagan Rabouka.
   *These exceptionally promising ones were cut off by distemper when under two years' old.
At the Metropolitan and Essex Show, Alexandra Palace, November 4th, three magnificent eight-months'-old puppies won 1st, 2nd and 3rd in junior and ist in novice and reserve challenge certificate. They were sired by Ch. Sea Foam so are great grandchildren of Ayesha. I do not think I need say any more. I have proved, beyond all doubt how deeply Ayesha has left her footprint on the sands of time in the Samoyed breed.

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