Mrs. Crichton 's well-known SEALYHAMS and SAMOYEDS,

At Bidbury Kennels, Bedhampton, Havant, Hants.

Bidbury Bruiser (Sealyham Terrier)
Bidbury Bruiser

HOWEVER widely different Sealyhams and Samoyeds may be, these two breeds in this kennel have several features in common: extraordinary merit is one. Then, too, every one of the " Bidburys" has that exuberance of spirits which only the highest health and the fittest physique produce. Apart from Mrs. Crichton's own stock, dogs are boarded, also trimmed and shown at an inclusive fee, while all dogs and visiting bitches get that individual attention and care which are usually only bestowed on one's own particular favourites. The kennels are essentially modern, very light and airy, and with splendid runs. We saw some of the dogs starting out for exercise, and some coming in from it, and they all testified in their canine way that the world is a very fine place. In the feeding of the adults and the puppies, too, there is the same exemplary methods. It is perfection of detail leading to the perfect whole.

Sealyhams, of course, hold pride of place in numbers, and amongst a covetable collection there is BIDBURY BUSYBODY, the eleven-months bitch by Winning Card, and already a winner of sixteen 1sts, under different Judges, besides many other wins at championship shows. An alert, game, beautifully fashioned Terrier; what she has already done will pale before what she will yet do. Another of many laurels is the eighteen-months-old BIDBURY BRUISER, by the same sire as Busybody. He is a short-backed dog, low to ground, with an ideal skull, expression, and real punishing jaw; a naturally hard jacket completes a really great Terrier, who is all-white except for tan-markings on head. A proved sire of big litters, he is at stud at a fee of three guineas.

Gameness personified, too, is BIDBURY BETSY, by Have-at-'Em ex Bidbury Lady (who, by the way, holds a M.F.H. certificate), and who also has a big string of wins to her credit. She is now busy with maternal duties—which reminds us that Mrs. Crichton has nearly always Sealyham puppies for sale, all bred for gameness.

Nicholaivitch of Bidbury
Nicholaivitch of Bidbury

In turning to the Samoyeds, one cannot avoid regret that that successful stud dog, NICHOLAIVITCH OF BIDBURY, is a war baby, so cannot be shown. Through his granddam, Ayesha, he brings in the best of the imported blood. His splendid coat is one of the many assets he imparts to his puppies. His stud fee is five guineas. IVAN OF BIDBURY is his marvellous son. KARA of BIDBURY, by Mustan of Farningham, is mothering a topping litter by Nicholaivitch. All the Samoyeds here are snow-white with black points.

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