at 40, Sydenham Park, Sydenham, London, S.E. 26.

TO begin this year in triumph and end it in tribulation that is an experience which tries the troth of our metal: it proves of what stuff we are made. To lose such a Samoyed dog as Ch. Viking, that exquisitely bred dog who won his full championship in such a remarkably short space of time, who had been so wonderful as a sire, and who, when I reviewed this kennel last year, was looking more magnificent than ever - that is a blow which registers itself on both heart and head. And when it is followed by the death of his son, Ambrose, the furore of the spring and summer shows, even the most surefooted enthusiasm is apt to stumble. But though Mrs. Thynne felt those losses as only a wiarm-hearted doglover can, her Samoyed zeal has never flagged, and not only as an owner, but as the honorary treasurer of the lately amalgamated Samoyed Association, she remains one of the White-coats' most influential and energetic friends. And if the Fates are the furies they are said to be, Fortune still has a smiling face for those whose perseverance carries them safely through the rain.


There is regret for the departed, but there is also rejoicing in the possession of those that remain. KIEFF, bred by his owner from Ch. Viking and Princess Feodorovna, was born in 1916, and so had no opportunity of being shown until the present year. I foretold that when he entered the ring he would repeat the sensations which earlier exhibits from the same kennel have made, and at the three championship events at which he has been benched he has only been beaten by Ch. Zahra. He won all the 1sts at the L.K.A. members' show in March last. Judicial tributes such as these are a secure pedestal.

RAMON, Viking's last son ex Yansk, is a familiar winner who has now retired, and remains content to be cock of the walk in his own home. There is a puppy born this year, from White Sea and Princess Feodorovna, which prompts the spirit of prophecy and sends the mental glance ahead. A regular rod-in-pickle, this youngster will keep up Mrs. Thynne's reputation for surprising her competitors.

Princess Foedorovna
Princess Feodorovna

Perfect in all points, and with the glistening Arctic sheen, on her pure white coat, is PRINCESS FEODOROVNA, by Snow Cloud ex Nastja. On her two appearances in public she has taken two 1sts and two 3rds, and 1st Brace with Kieff. Beautiful in breeding as she is in build, Feo has had three litters sired by Ch. Viking, and one this year by White Sea. - WILL HALLY.

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