TASTES that develop into enthusiasm are often hereditary, and it was from her father, one of the first and one of the 'staunchest admirers of Samoyeds, that Mrs. Thynne inherited her passionate devotion to the beautiful sledge-dogs. For many years past her exhibits have been one of the leading features of Samoyed classes, and where their charming character and magnificent power have won them unanimous praise and the highest honours. One of the best of her earlier exhibits was Karawitch, the Crystal Palace sensation of 1912, and who died just at the opening of what promised to be a wonderful career. His loss was written-off, and his place filled, however, when Ch. Viking came out to conquer and to take his full championship in a short time.


And now I have the pleasure to introduce Ch. Viking's son, KIEFF, to our readers in this number. Not a champion yet, because war has postponed his opportunities, but a champion in embryo if ever there was one. He is a dog of immense power, with great shoulders, strong body, and the real load-pulling hindquarters, while his feet have the thick pads, well covered and toes and nails that can grip ice-hummucks or any other excrescences that a pulling-dog meets! on. a rough road. His coat, too, is the true Arctic-weather resisting garment, and he has the fine cotton-wool ears, the dark eyes, and the black nose, combined with the real old wolf head, kind, firm, and intelligent. Kieff is as useful as he is ornamental, not only in himself, but in his pedigree as well. His sire, Ch. Viking, is by Serga out of Alix. Serga is by Balda ex Drag a, and Alix is by that superlative brace, Houdin and Kvik. His dam, Princess Feodorovna, who, like his sire, belongs to Mrs. Thynne, is by Snow Cloud ex Nastja, both well known, and Snow Cloud is by South Pole ex Oussa, and South Pole is by the one and only Antarctic Buck. Nastja's parents are Nansin and Alex. It is, therefore, not dim cult to find the reasons of Kieff's marvellous merit, his striking stamina, and his inherent health and hardiness. He represents a stud that has the future for the asking, and whose members, including Viking's other son, Ramon, will lay many trophies at the feet of the popular treasurer of the Ladies' Samoyed Association. Mrs. Thynne is at present staying with her brother at the above address

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